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YouTuber Markiplier’s Account Hacked and Full Earnings Leaked

Markiplier Earnings Leaked

How much money does Markiplier make from his YouTube channel? A whole lot more than a lot of people expected! Recently, online hacking team, OurMine, were able to hack into the account of the ultra-famous YouTuber, Markiplier. They made it well known when they started branding all of his videos with their logo and even went as far as posting their own video on his channel.

What else did OurMine decide to do once they were logged onto Markiplier’s account? That’s right, they leaked his actual YouTube earnings. Below is a screen shot of his November 2015 earnings. Keep in mind that this is what he made just from this one month. Mind blowing!


As you can see for the month of November 2015 for a total of 185 million views Markiplier made a total of $665,820.16 on YouTube. Why does this screenshot look so different from the normal analytics screen. That’s because he’s actually part of a network called MakerGen. So this screenshot is his earnings analytics from his network dashboard. That’s an average of $3.60 for every 1,000 views.

If we use these numbers to calculate the total amount of money Markiplier has made since joining YouTube, here’s what we get. P.S. You might need a tissue for the drool.

  • 4,291,694,084 views (as of March 2016)
  • Joined May 26, 2012
  • Total earnings from his 4.2 billion views = $15,450,098

Check out his actual net worth here.