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Jesse Wellens Explains Why He Smokes Weed

Jesse Wellens Has a Drug Addiction?

Recently, Jesse Wellens directed a video for Snopp Dogg. In the video and behind the scenes footage you can see Jesse smoking weed. For some it was no big deal. But for many, people were disappointed and outraged.

The video got a ton of hate and dislikes. Comments were going wild. Jesse was a bit disappointed because fans were focusing on the wrong points of the video. Smoking marijuana and other controversy in the video instead of the hard work he put into producing the content.

On March 23, Wellens uploaded a video to his channel PrankvsPrank titled, “My Drug Addiction Story.“. In the video, he explains how and why he started smoking weed. The video was very helpful for fans detailing the background on how the drug habit started. He explains that with the loss of his mom, public breakup with his girlfriend Jeana Smith and many other things caused him to find him a way to numb the pain. Weed did just that.

Watch the video below where he explains the full drug story.

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