Jack Vale Net Worth


Instagram: @jackvalefilms
Instagram: @jackvalefilms

Comedian, Jack Vale, has an estimated net worth of $450,000. Jack gained famed from his famous YouTube videos where he causes people in public to act paranoid. His videos are well-thought out and original bringing in millions of views to his videos. He quickly began to use his fame to take advantage of monetization. Besides earning money from ads on his videos Jack Vale also has his own line of farting noise makers called, Pooters. This is the same gadget he uses in his farting videos and he now allows his fans to do the same at home. He also endorses major brands like Chevrolet. Recently, he signed a deal for a reality show, Jack Vale: Offline, in which you get a behind the scenes of his daily life as a YouTuber and how his family is involved in everyday operations.

His main channel, Jack Vale Films, has over 1.3 million subscribers and over 275 million views. He also has a vlogging channel called, Jack Vale Live. You can take a look at some of his videos below.