Eugenia Cooney Net Worth

Eugenia Cooney Net Worth: $200,000

Popular YouTube personality, Eugenia Cooney, has an estimated net worth of $200,000. She started her channel in June 2011.

Eugenia Cooney

861,766 subscribers


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  1. This item is from october 21, 2016, so before the anorexia controversy (Eugenia banning from Youtube). After that, she got many more viewers because this was all over the news. Free publicity so to say. But I doubt if she liked all this (mostly negative) attention. Anyway, even if the estimated net worth would exceed the $200.000,- by far, it doesn’t mean anything. In order to CASH that amount of money, you would have to be able to actually sell it to a buyer. And this Eugenia can’t sell any rights from her Youtube channel. Apart from the fact that Youtube is the big owner of the whole thing, the viewers watch her movies because of her, not because of the content. If she’s gone, so are the viewers. So this has limitations. She probably earns some good money from it for now and for as long (or short) as it lasts. That is about it. The mentioned house is not hers, she lives with her parents. And she probably doesn’t own any car, she’s got no driver’s license.

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