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Birdman Tries to Throw Out $300,000 Lawsuit

Judge Denies Birdman’s Request to Throw Out Lawsuit

Birdman is infamous for not paying the people he has working around him. So it’s nothing new that there’s a new person suing him. This person is hip hop music producer Javier Nuno.

Nuno is claiming that he spent countless hours working in the studio for the label. Every week that passed he never received any kind of compensation. Well, turns out the producer is owed $300,000 in unpaid wages.

So what did Birdman try to do? Well the lawsuit was handed to someone in his home but not him directly. He pointed this out to the judge and claimed that he never received the paperwork directly so the case should be thrown out the window. The judge laughed and said nice try but we’re proceeding with this case.

Trying to dodge another bill didn’t work this time.

Photo source: @birdman5star

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  1. My outlook for this Birdman situation is totally different! This one will provoke people to ruin their lives,
    though i understand that everyone has right on his/her own point of view!

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